The Primo 10 is a premium sous vide water bath!

Following our unboxing of the Primo 10 from Grant Creative Cuisine, we are pleased to bring you our in-depth test and review of the Primo 10!

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Brands like Anova, Nomiku, Sansaire and Joule have really done a great job in showing the world the wonders of sous vide cooking. Their relatively low prices have helped to bring the cost of sous vide cooking down tremendously.

Where it was once a little known cooking technique used only by professional chefs, today sous vide cooking is something that many aspiring home chefs have fallen in love with. Well, if you love steak like we do, then it’s really not hard to fall in love with sous vide cooking is it?



Grant Creative Cuisine is based near Cambridge in the United Kingdom. That’s where the University of Cambridge, one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the world, is from.

The University of Cambridge is closely linked with Silicon Fen, a high-tech business cluster in the Cambridge area. In 2004, it was reported that Silicon Fen was the second largest venture capital market in the world, after Silicon Valley.

Perhaps it is no coincidence that it is from an area with such a proliferation of high-tech businesses that Grant Creative Cuisine was born. The company is an offshoot of Grant Instruments which was founded in 1952. Grant has actually been around for more than 60 years, unlike the much shorter inception periods of companies like Anova, Sansaire and Nomiku that started out not so long ago on Kickstarter.

Grant is ISO 9001 certified and they are well-known for their lab and research equipment in the scientific and industrial markets. It was from their work on developing precision temperature control equipment that they decided to spin off into sous vide devices and so Grant Creative Cuisine was born.

The Primo 10 isn’t a sous vide immersion device, it’s a sous vide water bath. That means that instead of having to get yourself a separate water bath to stick your immersion cooker into, sous vide water baths (as the name suggests) come with their own in-built water bath.

The heating elements are placed below the water bath and so they are able to heat up the water in the water bath quickly and efficiently. Sous vide water baths like the Primo 10 cost a fair bit more (the Primo 10 costs USD $449 on Amazon) compared to the regular ‘stick-type’ sous vide immersion devices. But is it worth the added cost? In this article, we’ll show you just how well the Primo 10 performs as a sous vide device.

We discuss and evaluate the  Primo 10 based on the following criteria:

  • Packaging & Build Quality
  • Cleaning
  • Water Level Difference
  • Noise
  • Temperature Accuracy
  • Heating Speed




The Primo 10 comes in a massive but stylish box that’s made of sturdy cardboard and overall, it has a nice quality feel. Grant builds and makes the Primo 10 in the UK and they are so confident in the quality of their device that they back it up with a 2 year warranty. That’s double the standard 1 year warranty offered by Anova, Nomiku and Sansaire.


In a nutshell, the device definitely gives the impression of a very premium product. It feels well built and the body has got a good heft and weight to it.




The Primo 10 is super easy to clean. In fact, it’s the easiest to clean amongst all the sous vide devices that we’ve used. Unlike sous vide immersion cookers, there are no complicated parts to dismantle when cleaning the device.

All you need to do is to take off the lid, the lid rest and the rack and tray. That’s it!



EVALUATION CRITERIA: Having a wide range between the minimum and maximum water levels is a good feature. If you are cooking something like ribs over 48 hours, there will be water loss from evaporation. So having a wider range in the water levels means you don’t need to monitor the device as closely.


On the Primo 10, the instructions say that the minimum water level is half the water bath depth (3.95 inches) and the maximum is well, the top of the bath (7.9 inches). That gives the Primo 10 a healthy range of 3.95 inches which is excellent!

Crucially, the Primo 10 comes with a lid and this will help to greatly reduce the amount of moisture lost through evaporation. You definitely won’t need our ultra-cheap water bath cover hack when you use the Primo 10!



EVALUATION CRITERIA: Having a device that’s quiet is a important feature if you live in a small apartment. If you have to leave the unit running overnight, you certainly do not want a sous vide device that rumbles all night in the kitchen. We test noise levels through our Decibel Meter iOS app with the water level at midpoint between the max and minimum levels. And the test is conducted with the phone just in front of the water bath, on the opposite side of the device.


In our test, the Primo 10 was very quiet and the decibel readings never exceeded 74 decibels.



EVALUATION CRITERIA: Having a device that’s accurate is super important in sous vide cooking. A difference of just a couple of degrees can take your steak from medium to well done. It is also important that the device can hold the temperature evenly and consistently. You don’t want a device that has huge drop offs and that spikes after that. We test temperature accuracy at 3 points; At the start, during the climb, and finally at a holding temperature of 140°F / 60°C. We conduct our tests using our Cooper-Atkins, Guaranteed Accurate for Life, digital thermometer. Whilst it is branded as being accurate for life, there is a stated margin of accuracy of ±2°F so this should be taken into consideration when evaluating our test results.

At the start, the Primo 10 showed a reading of 118.7°F while the thermometer showed 118.4°F, a slight discrepancy of around 0.3°F with the Primo 10 showing a higher reading compared to the thermometer.


During the climb, the discrepancy between the Primo 10 and our thermometer remained at around 1°F with the thermometer showing a slightly higher reading than the Primo 10.


And finally, at the holding temperature of 140°F, the discrepancy remained at around 1°F. The Primo 10 showed a slightly higher reading compared to our thermometer.


Because the Primo 10 does not have a circulating function, we did detect some temperature inconsistencies at different parts of the water bath. Obviously, the areas that were closer to the heating elements registered a higher temperature than the areas that were further.



EVALUATION CRITERIA: Having a device that gets to your set temperature fast is ideal. For our test, we time the device to see how long it takes to heat up from 90°F to 140°F (32°C to 60°C).

In our test, the Primo 10 took 18 mins and 18 secs to achieve that. That’s faster than the Anova (23 mins 35 secs) but slower than the Sansaire (14 mins 24 secs).




We feel that the Primo 10 looks good and we like the sleek premium feel that it’s got.

We like that it doesn’t need a separate water bath and while it may not have Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, we like that it just means that we don’t have to waste time pairing it when we want to use it.

As for downsides, the Primo 10 lacks an audio signal to indicate that it has reached the target temperature or tell you that the countdown timer has completed. It would have been useful to have a simple beep to tell the user that the target temperature has been reached or that the countdown timer has completed.


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