Superb deals for you to start cooking sous vide with discounts of up to 50%!

WOW! We are living in exciting times. With every sous vide device launched on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, we are seeing great sous vide tech at prices that just keep getting better and better!

Today, we are excited to tell you about the Oliso SmartHub™ that’s available on Kickstarter until 26 Nov 2015!

Oliso is the San Francisco based company that created the innovative Oliso Smart Vacuum Sealer, a product that won the Madrid Fusion award, a prestigious culinary award, in January 2011. We’ve reviewed the Oliso VS95A Smart Vacuum Sealer and we found the product to be very interesting and we really enjoyed using it. Which is why we were very excited to hear about the launch of the Oliso SmartHub.


So what is the Oliso SmartHub?


The SmartHub is a precision induction cooker that’s paired with a Smart cook top. Both items work in sync to monitor and maintain the temperature in the cook top to a high degree of accuracy. The device is calibrated to be within 0.18℉ or 0.1℃. Oliso says that they chose to work with a induction cooker instead of a immersion circulator as it is able to bring the temperature up to speed much faster, in some cases even twice as fast as some immersion style sous vide devices.

sous vide water heating

We like that Oliso has set out to build a all-in-one kitchen device that requires less than 1 square foot in space. This is a much appreciated consideration in today’s kitchens with the ever growing list of kitchen gadgetry. But don’t let its size fool you. Despite its small footprint, the Oliso smart hub is still able to put out a healthy 1500W of heating power!

The Smart Top is a doubled-walled, 11 quart, water bath and we also like that it comes with its own tempered-glass, silicon-edged lid. Common problems with immersion style sous vide devices are heat and water loss and we’ve showed you previously our hack for the water bath cover to solve problems like this. With the Oliso SmartHub, you won’t need to worry about anything like that!

And because it is its own water bath, we also like that you have the option to cook at precise temperatures without a bag! The SmartHub also comes with a sous vide rack with movable divider.

Oliso Sous Vide

The Oliso SmartHub is already in production and they are running their Kickstarter campaign so that they can make the SmartHub a even more complete kitchen device. They are planning to use the Kickstarter campaign to add a few tools to make the SmartHub even more useful. They want to add:

  • a app that will give the user wireless control,
  • a temperature probe that will allow the SmartHub to work with existing cookware and
  • a Griddle Smart Top that can be used to give your sous vide meats the perfect sear.

Oliso sear

At this moment, they have already exceeded their Kickstarter target and some of the deals have already been snapped up. If you hurry, you may still be able to get good deals like:

  • Buy the Oliso VS95A Smart Vacuum Sealer Starter Kit for $100 instead of $179.99. That’s a savings of about 44%!
  • Buy the SmartHub for $279 instead of $499, also at a discount of about 44%!
  • Buy the SmartHub and Griddle Smart Top for $349 instead of $699, that’s a discount of about 50%!

Do take note that you should choose your pledge carefully as they have many options on their Kickstarter page. There are some early shipping options that mean you get to use your SmartHub as early as this December! Some are US versions of the SmartHubs but we are happy that they also have a option for international use!

Kyle Connaughton

Kyle Connaughton

What’s more, any pledge $5 and above gets you a free digital cookbook by Kyle Connaughton who spent 5 years as Head Chef at Heston Blumenthal’s Fat Duck Restaurant. Kyle was also a editor and contributor for the Modernist Cuisine series.



All in all we feel that the Oliso SmartHub is a product with a lot going for it. As a sous vide device it is already a good proposition but the SmartHub is so much more. At such deep discounts, there’s no better time to get your hands on the Oliso SmartHub!

To secure your SmartHub, hurry on down to their Kickstarter page before it closes on Nov 26th!