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Needless to say, we love sous vide and we get really excited talking bout anything and everything revolving around sous vide cooking. Of late, there’ve been lots of exciting developments in our fast growing sous vide industry but this piece of news has got us really, really excited!

From out of nowhere, ChefSteps has just announced the release of their in-house custom-built, sous vide immersion circulator! Turns out, they’ve actually been working on this for the past 3 years. The device is called Joule and we think it’s a great name! The joule is the unit of heat energy and sous vide is all about controlling the heat energy in the water bath so that your food cooks at a precise temperature.


Now, it’s no secret that we are huge fans of ChefSteps. We love the work that these guys put out. You may have seen our review of their free sous vide cooking course or our faithful shot-for-shot remake of their Salmon With Green Pea Mash Recipe. A sous vide device made by these sous vide wizards, well that’s like Michael Jordan releasing his own sneakers! Awesome! (In case you are wondering, we are huge Jordan fans too…)

ChefSteps have described Joule as “the world’s smallest and most powerful sous vide immersion circulator”. Joule comes with a 1100 watt heater housed in a sleek cylinder that’s only 11 inches tall, 1.85 inches in diameter, which means it’ll be small enough to fit into most kitchen drawers. One feature we love bout the Joule is that, unlike a lot of other sous vide circulators on the market, it is completely waterproof!


Another feature that we haven’t seen from other manufacturers is Joule’s magnetic foot that makes it easy to attach it to any magnetic steel pot or induction-ready cookware. And for those of us who prefer using our Cambros, Joule also has a optional clip system that can be used to mount to other non-metallic water baths.


One of the reasons why Joule is so small is because it doesn’t come with a display screen. It is meant to be operated from your iOS or Android smartphone through the use of apps that can be downloaded for free from the app store. And with its Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, it means you can operate your Joule, receive updates or check on its progress from pretty much anywhere!

From the demo shots of the app, it looks like it’ll be a game-changer too. Other than the great pictures, videos and recipes, we like the ‘Visual Doneness’ feature where you get to select on screen, how rare or well done you want your meat to be and then it automatically sets the right temperature to achieve that.


In terms of features and technical specifications, Joule already looks like a excellent sous vide device. But what makes Joule special is the sheer body of knowledge and expertise that not only was in driving it’s development but now also available to Joule owners. When you purchase a Joule, you also get free access to ChefSteps Premium, which is usually priced at $39. That’s a unlimited use, all-access pass to the entire library of ChefSteps top-notch classes and recipes, both now and in the future.

Mind you, the pedigree of talent at ChefSteps is nothing to scoff about. The core of ChefSteps is made up of the team that worked on Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking. We call it “one of the most superlative publications in the culinary world”.


Chris Young

Grant Crilly

Grant Crilly

One of these is Chris Young. Chris is the principal coauthor of Modernist Cuisine and he was also one of the founding chefs of Heston Blumenthal’s Fat Duck Experimental Kitchen. Then there’s also Grant Lee Crilly. Grant was the first development chef hired by the Modernist Cuisine team. If you’ve watched a ChefSteps videos, you’ve probably seen Grant. He’s the guy that’s super passionate bout his food.



As we’ve said in the beginning, anything sous vide related excites us but this one reaaaaally excites us! This isn’t just another sous vide device that’s made by some inventor, engineer or sous vide enthusiast. This is one that’s made by chefs who really know what sous vide is all about. It’s taken them 3 years to create this and we can’t wait to put Joule to the test when it is launched!

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