The Sous Vide Guys test and demo the Oliso VS95A vacuum sealer!

Following-up from our unboxing of the Oliso VS95A Vacuum Sealer Starter Kit, we are pleased to bring you our in-depth demonstration and review!

You want a vacuum sealer that can do both dry and moist sealing AND doesn’t cost as much as a chamber style vacuum sealer? Well, read on as we show you how well the Oliso VS95A performs in:

  • Dry sealing
  • Moist sealing
We also test the performance of their accessories like the:
  • Wine+Olive Oil Freshkeeper
  • Pantry Bag

To see a video of our review of the Oliso VS95A Vacuum Sealer Starter Kit, you can check out our video on YouTube here:



We used grapes for this test as we also wanted to see how well the VS95A performs with something that’s a little more ‘delicate’ and prone to crushing. The Oliso VS95A has a ‘Stop Vacuum’ button that allows you to stop the vacuum process when you feel that it has reached the level of vacuum you want. This then prevents the device from crushing the items in your bag.


We love their ‘Automatic bag detection’ function. You just have to insert the bag into the device, it then detects the bag and it will auto start the sealing process! Brilliant! You just line up the marking on the bag with the arrow on the device and slide the bag in.


And once the device is done, you remove the bag and you can see the heat seal around where the bag was cut. As expected, the VS95A did a great job with this dry seal test.





We used salmon that was liberally doused with olive oil for this test. This was a test we were most excited about as we often have sauces, marinades or oil in our bag when we sous vide. Being able to vacuum seal with liquids in the bag and not have to buy a bulky and expensive chamber vacuum sealer would be awesome!

The moist sealing process took a little longer compared to dry sealing. Once the device was done, we removed the bag and we found that there was still a little bit of air in the bag. It wasn’t perfectly vacuum sealed but in fairness to Oliso, they do recommend that you should semi-freeze the contents in the bag if you have a lot of liquid in the bag as this affects the effectiveness of the moist sealing process.

After the moist seal, we opened up the drip tray and the excess liquid was collected in this removable drip tray. All in all, it was a easy clean-up process.




We used a bottle of sparkling water for this and it was very easy and straightforward to operate. You just need to connect one end of the flexi tube to the device and the other to the Wine+Olive Oil Freshkeeper.


After that, insert the Freshkeeper into the bottle. There’s also a useful vacuum seal indicator on the Freshkeeper. The orange button is raised before sealing.


And once the vacuum seal is complete, the orange button sinks in to show it is sealed.


The vacuum sealing process for the Freshkeeper worked very well! When we removed the Freshkeeper, we could hear a distinct ‘whoosh’ sound and that’s a good indicator of how well it did its job of vacuum sealing.




The pantry bag is meant for dry goods like oats, coffee or nuts and it should not be used for freezing or for sous vide. We love that this bag can be resealed over and over again indefinitely.

The vacuum sealing process worked wonderfully! All the air from the bag of oats was extracted very well and again, there was a very audible ‘whoosh’ when we opened the bag. It did a great job for this test and it was also easy to operate. You just need to connect the other end of the flexi tube to the nozzle at the back of the pantry bag and press the button to start.




In conclusion, we like that the device is easy to operate, easy to clean and has a small footprint. This is important for people like us with our space-starved kitchens!

The VS95A also did a great job with dry sealing. And the accessories worked very well too. The Wine+Olive Oil Freshkeeper and the pantry bag worked wonderfully and all the air was extracted perfectly each time.

For moist sealing, there was still a little bit of air in the bag but again, we put that down us not semi-freezing the bag prior to vacuum sealing which is what Oliso recommends. Our test was more wet seal than moist seal! No doubt it doesn’t perform as well as a chamber vacuum sealer but then again, it costs much less than a chamber vacuum sealer.

All in all, we like the VS95A starter kit. For its price, it does more than a adequate job. And you get a good vacuum sealer device together with a good assortment of very useful accessories!


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