We show you how to make the easiest chocolate fondue in under 15 mins, sous vide style!

Have a stack of leftover chocolate in the home? If you have kids then you’ll often find that after every Halloween and Easter, you’ll have more chocolate in the house than Willy Wonka himself!



So what do you do with all that chocolate? Well let the Sous Vide Guys show you how to make our super easy sous vide chocolate fondue and you can serve it as dessert the next time you host a party!


Everyone loves those chocolate fondue fountains but if you’ve got one at home, then you’ll know that they are such a pain to wash and clean after you use it. Also they are very ‘inefficient’ with their use of chocolate in that there’s often a fair bit of wastage with leftover chocolate in the fountain.


Or if you have ever tried preparing chocolate fondue on a stove you’ll know that burning and scorching the chocolate is as easy as snapping a Kit Kat bar into two! You’ll also need to keep stirring and whisking and even if you manage to prepare it beautifully, you still run the risk of your kids burning themselves on the hot bowl in their haste to dip their marshmallows into the fondue.

Sous vide chocolate fondue is more child-safe, less messy, dead easy and you only need 15 mins to do this!


• Chocolate (You can use any kind of chocolate you have, even those with nuts in them!)
• Fresh Milk

By weight, you’ll need 20% fresh milk to chocolate. Or a 1:5 ratio of fresh milk to chocolate. For example, you’ll need 44 grams of fresh milk for 220 grams of chocolate.



• Marshmallows
• Bananas
• Strawberries



1) Prepare your sous vide device and set it to 49°C /120°F.


2) Break up your chocolates into smaller pieces. This speeds up the process. (Plus it gives you a good opportunity to sneak in a few nibbles!)

3) Bag up the milk and chocolate then vacuum seal the bag.

4) Once the set temperature is reached, place your bag into the water bath. Set your timer for 12 mins.

5) In the meantime, prepare your favourite dippables (as Rachel Ray would say!) like marshmallows, strawberries, bananas or whatever else you enjoy.

6) At 12 mins, take the bag out of the water bath and gently massage the contents. This is to ensure that the milk and chocolate is evenly mixed. Feel if there are any lumps of chocolate and gently massage these lumps to help them soften. Return the bag to the water bath for another 3 mins.

7) After 3 mins, take the bag out from the water bath and admire your bag of beautiful, warm and gooey chocolate fondue!


We recommend serving the fondue in individual ramekins but you can also pour everything out into one large serving bowl. But be warned, serving all your chocolate fondue in one central bowl is like putting a piece of steak into a tank full of piranhas! It’ll be a frenzy!


If you love Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, you can add in a tablespoon of peanut butter into your bag before you vacuum seal it. It will taste divine!

And there you have it, our super easy recipe for sous vide chocolate fondue! Your friends will love you for it and your kids will wonder where all their chocolate disappeared to!

Sous vide soon and bon appétit!